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Koil Killaz

Koil Killaz

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Product description

Koil Killaz E-Liquid

Koil Killaz is a premium e-liquid that features mouth watering flavors, that take you on a tropical paradise adventure.

  • 60ml Bottle
  • 70VG / 30PG
  • Nicotine Type: Freebase
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg



This e-liquid blend features palmfuls of juicy cranberries, green apples, and red apples that have been SMASHED together to create a flavour explosion like no other. 


A tantalizing blend of sweet blueberries, accented with fresh dragon fruit and guava, creating a truly irresistible taste. The perfect combination of sweet and tart, this e-juice delivers a full-on assault to your taste buds, leaving you craving for more. 


This secret elixir features an enchanting blend of juicy watermelons, fresh blueberries, and a touch of pear, creating a truly magical all-day vape. This flavourful combination of fruits is sure to leave your taste buds craving for more. 


Looking for a fatal punch of flavour? Look no further than Fatal by Koil Killaz! This tantalizing e-juice packs a powerful punch with a bold blend of blood orange and pineapple, rounded out with subtle notes of sweet strawberry. 


Get ready to experience a tropical explosion with Fury by Koil Killaz! This secret weapon of a flavour combines fresh pineapples, juicy black currant, and coconut to create a taste so divine, it's fit for the gods. Each inhale delivers a fruity punch that will leave your taste buds feeling satisfied and refreshed. 


Introducing R.I.P by Koil Killaz, a tangy and tart flavour that will leave you dying for more! This liquid features a perfect balance of four flavours from the citrus family: grapefruit, lemon, lime, and blood orange, all complemented with a touch of guava to create a truly unique vaping experience. 


Allow yourself to get lost in a tropical frenzy with Rampage by Koil Killaz. This e-liquid blend is crafted from the freshest and juiciest fruits, including luscious pink guava, sun-ripened mango, and sweet pineapple, all hand-picked from the depths of the jungle. 

Round House

Prepare for a taste bud Roundhouse kick! This flavour-packed e-liquid is a knockout combination of fresh peaches, juicy watermelon, and a sour raspberry kick. Just like a skilled fighter, this vape juice is balanced and powerful, making it a top contender in any vaper's arsenal.


A rumble between the foes is about to emerge! Get ready for it with this delicious blend of exotic fruits-the sweetest in the rainforest! A unique tropical blend


Prepare to be whisked away to the lush rainforests with the tantalizing flavour of Sasquatch by Koil Killaz. With every puff, your taste buds will awaken to a delicious blend of bold grapes and crisp green apples.


This climactic blend features the mellow of refreshing watermelon and kiwi, combined with the tart edge of crimson strawberry fruit. So brutally good, this liquid will have you on the verge of unhinged.


This vape juice is a tantalizing combination of juicy mangoes, sweet blueberries, and a secret citrus elixir that will leave your taste buds buzzing. It's a shockingly good blend that is sure to satisfy your cravings for a deliciously unique vaping experience.